Nomading Film Festival


Celebrate travel and film at Nomading Film Festival taking place at the Mission Theatre on January 28th, then throw down at an epic after party. Beer + music + raffles… all for good causes. What more do you want from a night out? [Link to:]

The after party will be held at Boothster. Join us for the fun.

The following four non-profits supported by NoFF:
Teen Living Programs
100 Cameras <
and Matador Youth Scholarship Fund .


Boothster Banner Year

Okay, so I just had to say that. “Banner” year…since producing spectacular  banners is one of our creative talents at Boothster. Check out our other creative talents at our  portfolio page.

We’re a collective of designers, engineers, fabricators and client services gurus, all united by a passion for design, sustainable living and music. We thrive on the challenge of designing something innovative and eco-friendly.

Sprout Watches – Eco Friendly Timepieces

Sprout booth made from bamboo and tyvek

Check out one of our latest designs from Sprout Watches. We utilized bamboo, as well as Tyvek print. We have a recycling program for Tyvek, and the rest of the booth is biodegradable!

Portland Pedal Power Reaches the Beach, Smashes Fundraising Goal


Last weekend we had the honor of supporting the Portland Pedal Power team to bike over 100 miles to the Oregon coast. The team raised a cool $3000 for the American Lung Association, reaching beyond their goal of $2500. Thanks to Able Sage LLC for getting us hooked up with this awesome cause!

Green trade show displays by Boothster

Around the World in an Eco-Booth

The US Forestry Service’s globetrotting eco-booth was born in 2009, built from locally sourced green materials right in Buenos Aires where it first exhibited at the World Forestry Congress.

A year later, the booth was shipped off to Seoul, Korea for the IUFRO World Congress.  Hardly jet-lagged, the USFS’ exhibit looked as good as ever at it’s second big expo.

Today, the ever-resilient eco-booth is home in Portland, still going strong.  Where to next?

Green trade show displays by Boothster

Stand-Out Booths: Attune

I talked last week about the presence of green trade show displays at the Natural Products Expo. To go a little more in-depth, here’s a closer look at the all-natural experience we built for Attune Foods:

The foundation of Attune’s booth was rich, walnut-stained reclaimed wood. The color of the wood created a warm, down-to-earth feel and made the colors on the product packaging pop (try saying that 3 times fast)

The whole booth centered around a communal table where attendees were encouraged to sit down for a bite with fellow “label readers”. Attune leveraged this buzz-building venue to collect video conversations with their audience.

The take-away: a stand-out booth makes your brand stick with attendees, especially when it fosters conversation. Attune illustrates that materials matter when building a show experience that completes the brand message.

Green trade show displays by Boothster

Conscious Capitalism

A new movement is picking up speed and I think some of us were part of it before it had a name.

I first learned the term “conscious capitalism” upon discovery of this enlightening talk from Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey. I constantly hear use of the word “capitalism” with negative connotation and this can be a misguided way of thinking. The increasingly widespread social and environmental betterment movements have sparked conscious capitalism and a new way to look at how we run our businesses.

Mackey breaks down conscious capitalism with 4 guiding principles:

  1. A higher purpose beyond maximizing profits
  2. Recognition of all stakeholders, including customers, vendors, the community and the environment
  3. Leadership that puts the values and mission of the business before personal interests
  4. A whole business culture and sense of purpose that supports conscious capitalism

Reviewing these principles opened our eyes over here at Boothster HQ. Many of our business practices are in line with the conscious capitalism principles and we certainly have room for improvement. A conscious company is never perfect.

How are you adhering to these principles in your business? What are the strengths or/and flaws you find with conscious capitalism? Can you see a future where the majority of business is guided by these principles?

Learn more about conscious capitalism here.

Green trade show displays by Boothster